Sadly Mr. Ryan Gainey passed away on July 29, 2016.
He will be honored at the Atlanta History Center on 8/31/2016 at 6:30 pm.
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Projects - White Garden in August



This garden was created as a project for the American Horticulturist magazine.  They asked me as one of four garden designers to create a story about their dream garden.  Instead of writing a story, I created a garden.  It is an all-white garden for the South, coming to fruition as a night garden in August.  The color palette includes silver and pale yellows in foliage forms.

The inspiration for this garden was a consultation with a lovely woman who was bereaved by her inability to put plants together.  We were meeting in August, in the heat of summer, and as I looked around her garden, I realized there was this in bloom and that and that, and we've got something going here.

I came home and had my friend Buck Newman do the illustration of this sunken enclosed garden, designed on axis and cross-axis, with a temple in the back enshrining a marble statue of "Sleep".  The clouds in the garden at night at a white crape myrtle, "Natchez".  There are white "Iceberg" roses, double and single white althea, Clematis paniculata, cruel vine, late blooming phlox, more plants than you can imagine that all bloom in the heat of a Southern August.